Creative journalism

29 03 2005

I was forwarded this link to Gamers quarter. A magazine/PDF/zine on videogames with no review scores, no “exclusive” previews, and no cheat codes. a magazine with thoughtful analysis, well rounded criticism, and yes it is quite entertaining.
And it is edited by college students.
I have been trying for some time now to put together something similar for the UK.
more edge less gamer.
more art less code
more quality
something to read on the train, something to be proud of, and something without tits, arse, and 13 year old humour.
A filter for the web, a time saver, an entertainer, and something I am amazed by.

Unions for Games

24 03 2005

Following on from various GDC discussions, here is a great roundup of the argument – Union or not from
I KNOW this will not work in the UK, but surely we need a stronger representation for the indivdual than TIGA/PACT/?
Time for IGDA UK I think.