Half Life 2: Episode 2: The Portal

26 07 2006

This is doing the rounds right now, and totally, totally worth the watch and wait.

I get the first portal option. I get the second, although it furrowed my brow. The third..euhh… the rest of them? This will make your brain hurt. I can’t wait!

Half Life 2: Episode 2: Portal (Eurogamer)

If you’d like to play the original, I think you can still get it here:


Apparently they hired the guys who made it.


25 07 2006

Via Keith Stuart / Guardian

Take a look at the launch of ScottishGames.Biz a news site dedicated to the Scottish development community and run as a group blog by several industry insiders.

The Scottish sector has been through some hard times over the last few years with reasonably big names like Vis and DC Studios going belly up. But like some kind of mythological beast, new companies are always sprouting to replace their predecessors – Cohort, TAG Games and Denki among them. And of course, arguably the most important Scottish developer ever – DMA – lives on in both Rockstar North and Real Time Worlds, the latest venture of DMA founder Dave Jones. Nowadays though, a lot of north of the border studios are staying small and specialising in niche/emerging areas like mobile gaming and interactive TV.

Games Edu Photos Online now

24 07 2006

pop over to

Better Game Lecturers

20 07 2006

Pac Man creator Toru Iwatani is standing down from his executive role at Namco to teach students game design at University level. 

From Joystiq’s coverage:

    Although he expressed a desire to keep making games, he felt the need to teach development methods and communication skills for the betterment of the industry. 

Hello world!

20 07 2006

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Articles of Interest

19 07 2006

* Peter Molyneux explains his views on game design and management.

* Codemasters has announced the signing of a new paranormal horror project, created by acclaimed author and film maker Clive Barker and set to appear on PC and next-gen consoles in 2007.

* US game software sales were up 25% in June, and 15% when compared to the same period last year. Noteworthy culprits cited: games for the DS Lite, and THQ’s Cars, which sold 646K units in June alone.

Games Narratives are about as good as porn

15 07 2006

There’s a new postmortem for Quantic Dream’s console title Indigo Prophecy, as described by creator David Cage, online, and one of the most interesting sections in the 8,000 word postmortem is how the game has tried to reshape storytelling for games away from the basic: “One of the key points in Indigo Prophecy was the idea of getting interactivity and narration to work together. Most games oppose these two concepts or rather, they develop them in turn: a cut scene to advance the narration, then an action scene, then another cut scene for the narration. The structure of this narrative process is very close to that of porn movies.

via Slashdot.

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