Microsoft Cracks Japan?

18 08 2008

Bruce Everiss posted this morning about the 360 apparently selling well in Japan:

So the effect of Tales of Vesperia will be to lift the 360 to a higher sustained level in the market. And at this higher level, because of word of mouth and peer pressure, there will be far more organic growth. It is a step up and what Microsoft need in Japan is a series of similar incremental jumps, with the market continuing at a higher level after each one.

He’s possibly a bit eager in describing it as a triumph for Microsoft, and a commenter offers some perspective on this:

I’ve seen good 360 sales in Japan before. Notably Blue Dragon (where Microsoft ticked all the boxes for success and Japan still resisted them) and, courtesy of Namco again, Ace Combat 6. The effect is not long-lasting and we’ve had enough instances of a good week of Japanese 360 sales to tell us not to get over excited because things may (and do) calm down pretty quickly.

It’s good to see the 360 getting a little traction over there, but it’s important to consider the reduced supply Microsoft will have been giving Japan ever since the lack of interest at launch there. They aren’t exactly selling out at EU or US stock levels.

(CC image of the Akibahara by heiwa4126)