Pixel-Love Has Moved

26 01 2009


We’ve redesigned and moved Pixel-Love to our own host:

I’m quite satisfied to have got this done finally, as while hosted services are convenient, they drastically lack flexibility and it’s not that much more difficult to run a wordpress installation of your own. I think you’ll agree that the new blog layout is much more beautiful than this one. It was designed by my colleague Richard and put into CSS/XHTML/PHP by me.

Pixel-Love started as just a place to keep copy-pasted press clippings, and that’s exactly what you’ll find if you go far enough back into the archives. When I joined the company I thought it was a bit cheeky to just copy people’s content. Even though it does also guard against link rot, the trail of attribution is integral to online work and culture. Things have moved on a lot since Pixel-Love started up at blogger nearly four years ago. Not just in terms of blogging platforms, but with very reliable bookmarking services like delicious integrating further with browsers, and desktop apps making it much easier to sample images and video. The web is getting easier to use in more powerful ways, and we’re now going much further to attribute and highlight good work we see.

Pixel-Love spent most of 2007 and 2008 switching from a slightly random press archive to a place for commentary, and we’ve finally hit our stride in terms of what it is. Pixel-Love will contain commentary on anything related to the game industry, outside of Pixel-Lab that we find interesting and want to talk about. We’ll talk about the company itself on the Pixel-Lab news page, but blog.pixel-lab.co.uk should now serve as a permanent home for Pixel-Love, so please update your RSS feeds and any bookmarks you might want to keep.

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Blog Maintenance

20 01 2009


Pixel-Love is going away for a short while today, and will be back with a new look and new domain within a few days. I’ll update here when it does.

Edit: Looks like we got unlucky with DNS propagation and it’s going to bleed into the weekend. All being well, we’ll be back up and running by next Tuesday.

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Jonathan Blow: Slides Online

8 08 2008

Many more of the slides from Games:EDU will be online soon, but for now I’d just like to draw your attention to Jonathan Blow’s blog, where he’s posted his slides and audio.

Brighton, July 29th – 31st

18 07 2008

We’re going down to Brighton soon to run Games:EDU, stage Polygons #12, and attend the Develop Conference.

We’ll be catching up with a lot of people we already know, but if you’re going to Develop too and would like to arrange a meeting with for any reason, do get in touch. Best way is to email david (dot) hayward (at) pixel-lab (dot) co (dot) uk

We’ll be there from the 28th to the 31st and we look forward to seeing you all there. Being based in the Midlands, we’re also pining to see the sea again, though unfortunately it looks like there will be no time at all for deck chairs.

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Games:EDU North

30 04 2008


Games:EDU North was yesterday, and I’ve posted a few talk summaries on the main website.

There are also photos on Flickr.

The overall dialogue of the day continued the process of settling conflicts between theoretical and vocational content in courses. We’ll be continuing this in Brighton on July the 29th.

Post-GDC Post

4 03 2008

Jetpack Brontosaurus
All of us are now back in the office after GDC. It was exhausting and brilliant, with over 18,000 people there and a barrage of sessions – so many that each of us often wanted to be in more than one place at once.

Toby’s talks on Monday both went down well, despite him having to sprint a block to get from one to the next (Well there’s a way to incentivise speakers not to overshoot their timeslots). Highlights for us were the IGF Expo Pavillion, showing some of the best indie games around and giving an opportunity to chat with their creators, and the Game Developer’s Rant, which this year featured excellent rants from Clint Hocking and Chris Hecker.

Another good session was The Blur, in which Flint Dille spoke about creating franchises in a world of user generated content and transmedia expectations. He set some very information dense slides running in the background, stated that they were in case anyone got bored of him, and proceeded to have a long in depth discussion with members of the audience approaching a mic.

You can see some photos in David Hayward and Pixel-Lab‘s Flickr streams.

(Image: Jetpack Brontosaurus, by Flashbang Studios)

Brighton Polygons

3 07 2007

We’re doing a Never Mind the Polygons in Brighton on the last day of Deveop. It will be at Koba on the 26th of July, with Dan Marchant, Nick Burton, Rusalka Clarke and Ange Fenge.

The pixel-horse’s mouth is here so to speak, and you can find Develop coverage here as well as a gamesindustry.biz piece here.


10 05 2007

one motorbike

one astra

30’s of tarmac

one bone

GAMES:EDU returns to Brighton

24 04 2007

GamesEdu_ID_black.gifGAMES:EDU:07, the International conference for games education announces speakers from the leaders of the next generation gaming industry, including Microsoft, Epic Games, Evolution Studios, SCEE, Autodesk, Rare and Disney. Organised by Pixel-Lab and Tandem Events it takes place as part of the Develop Conference in Brighton on Tuesday 24th July.

The conference now in its second year focuses on the current and future education needs of the computer games industry, bringing industry experts and educators together to encourage debate and the sharing of best practice. Last year saw over 120 delegates from across the globe networking, participating in workshops and engaging with the world’s top developers and publishers.

Confirmed speakers for GAMES:EDU:07 include Epic Studios, Chris Satchell (Microsoft), Matt Southern (Evolution Studious), Michel Kripalani (Autodesk), Nick Burton (Rare / Microsoft Game Studios, Mike Gamble (Instinct Technologies) Jason Avent (Disney Interactive Studios) Chirs Chilton (Skillset) and Rob Catto (FullSail).

Supporting GAMES:EDU are some of the UK’s foremost educators, and this year workshops will be led by the University of Abertay, the University of Glamorgan and Full Sail from the States.
“Abertay has been a leader in industry relevant game technology and design courses for some time. GAMES:EDU will become a key event in the Abertay calendar as a place where academics and Industry can discuss, share, and develop best practise in all areas of game development and production “
Dr Henry S Fortuna, Division Leader, School of Computing and Creative Technologies, Abertay.

Andy Sithers, Microsoft Academic Alliance, who will be speaking on the technology panel as well as supporting the event comments “Microsoft is fully committed to helping develop academic work in games in the UK. GAMES:EDU is an excellent opportunity for academics and games developers to begin a conversation which will help keep the UK as a growing centre of excellence in the gaming industry to ensure graduates have the right skills and knowledge to enter into the industry and contribute to that success.”

Skillset, the sector skills council for the audiovisual industries, is fully supporting the one-day conference and will be discussing its future plans to develop the Computer Games Industry accreditation programme. GAMES:EDU:07 features a series of case studies entitled: “The Skillset Sessions”. This year they focus on how education can work better with the games industry, the overall aim being to develop the UK as the world’s source of creative and innovative talent in the future for all forms of computer gaming.

Kate O’Conner, Skillset’s Executive Director – Policy and Development and Deputy Chief Executive comments. “Skillset strongly believes industry engagement is key to developing relevant and effective training and education. Skillset’s accredited network of courses represents best practice in this area and offers targeted provision ideal for entrance to the games industry. GAMES:EDU will help the academic community understand why engagement is important and how industry involvement and industry focused tuition benefits students, employers and universities alike. By providing an open space for discussion GAMES:EDU will help develop the quality of this accreditation program and encourage further interaction between Education Institutions and Industry.”
GAMES:EDU is an essential date for educators from across Europe in the field of gaming and games development. GAMES:EDU is the first conference worldwide that brings together the UK’s foremost educators from across all disciplines to connect directly with developers, publishers and games producers. For more information see http://www.gamesedu.co.uk.
The GAMES:EDU:07 Day Pass is £120 or £95 if booked before July 1 2007.
For registration information see www.gamesedu.co.uk.
GAMES:EDU:07 is part of the Develop Conference which takes place in Brighton from Tuesday 24 to Friday 27 July. See www.developconference.com.

GAMES:EDU is supported by Microsoft, Autodesk, Skillset, Evolution Studios and Disney Interactive Studios.

GAMES:EDU:07:Develop Conference Details Announced

4 04 2007

Media Molecule, Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux, VFX guru Peter Chiang, SCEE, Rare and Blitz are the first to declare their support for the Develop Conference and Expo 2007.

The event, which was launched last year, has set its 2007 showing for July 24th to July 26th at the Brighton Hilton Metropole.

The main conference, which takes place on July 25th and 26th, boasts 45 sessions across the seven tracks of design, production, coding, business, art, audio and world vision. The latter is brand new for 2007, promising a glimpse into games development around the world.

As revealed in Develop at the start of the year, four key themes underpin the conference: community, connectivity, creativity and control, which emphasise topics such as user-generated content, network-backed games and new control schemes.

“As we leave GDC behind, we couldn’t have asked for a better following wind for our second Develop Conference this July,” said advisory board chair Owain Bennallack.

“One of our long-standing key themes, social networking and its impact on games, surprised many as the talk of San Francisco, thanks largely to Phil Harrison’s key speech revealing PlayStation Home and Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet. Developers are now ready to hear a lot more about how the lessons of Web 2.0 can make their games better and more successful, and the Develop conference in Brighton is the only place to do so, as well as picking up plenty more traditional hints and tips about programming, art, audio, and production.”

July 24th, meanwhile, sees the return of GAMES:EDU the Skillset-backed one-day conference looking at games education.

Develop publisher Intent Media is also hosting its popular Develop Industry Excellence Awards on the evening of July 25th at the Metropole.

“We are confident that Develop Conference & Expo 2007 has everything to deliver a thought-provoking, educational, inspirational and business-changing experience for our delegates,“ stated Andy Lane, Tandem Events’ managing director. “It really is the must-attend event for anyone in European development community this summer.”

Delegates can register for passes at www.developconference.com