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10 12 2008


Kim Pallister on another trend towards a healthier games industry. Good games industry figures are notoriously hard to get hold of:

He cited this as an example of a different attitude to sharing numbers within Hollywood. I beleived it was a symptom of supply and demand. Bigger industry, more demand for the numbers, more people figuring out ways to make money off covering that scene. I think we’ll get there over time, though a change in attitude could possibly accelerate it.



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10 12 2008

Funny, a comment comparing it to Hollywood with the notorious “Hollywood Accounting” practices!

10 12 2008

That’s both really interesting, and a thoroughly scummy practice publishers could learn from… 😦

I think the point he’s making is that because people want to know, there are people who make a living finding out. The larger a community gets, the better and more common the techniques of those people will become.

11 12 2008

Yeah, I’m all for more figures, I certainly wouldn’t mind knowing from a historical perspective – trying to find information on how well old games sold, how much they cost to make, etc. etc. (ones obviously that have little baring on todays successes) is very, very difficult. 😦

VGChartz is pretty dumb / unconfirmed but I’m all for other investigatory techniques and leaks, or more figures being released.

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