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2 12 2008

Midlands game company Blitz today announced new tech for making 3D games. That piece links a few other announcements of games companies going into 3D tech. I wonder if it could actually catch on?

This kind of thing really excited me as a child, until I realised the only way to experience it at the time was in theme parks. Next to real roller coasters has to be the worst possible place to show off this kind of technology.

Lately my local multiplex has been offering some films in 3D for a few extra pounds on the price of a normal ticket. It had novelty value, but that seems to be it. Though people seem to have less of a problem wearing dorky NHS style glasses in the darkness of a cinema, after a screening of Beowulf in 3D I nonetheless heard them remarking quite caustically on how obviously things were made to stick out of the screen to emphasise the effect.

I have strong doubts about stereoscopic 3D on screens, but also suspect that interactivity could overcome all of them. For instance, Johnny Lee Chung’s head tracking 3D using slightly modified Wii hardware offers a much more striking effect than a traditional film, and people are developing technology to create 3D using standard TVs.

Would FPS playing be improved when playing with a true stereoscopic picture? I bet.

(CC image by barron)



2 responses

3 12 2008

Will see, will see…
That would be great to have real 3d view on screen.
I saw 2 3d movies, “Beowulf” and “Journey to the center of the world”.

It’s definitely cool experience but at the same time I was really tied after all.
I’m huge fun but won’t go for next movie, at least in this 3-D technology.

So let’s wait …

4 12 2008

Yes, I saw Beowulf and didn’t bother with Journey. 3D just seems a bit awful with passive media.

Looking at the Wii head tracking though, I really want to play. I think that fools our brains in a very different, by giving direct feedback to body movement.

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