Reebok and Monumental Partner

21 10 2008

Monumental Games are in fine form at the moment, partnering not just with the tech strategy board and University College London, but now Reebok too. Partnering with so many people to do something so specific, yet popular, will be a primary way to compete in an MMO market dominated by Activision/Blizzard.

In game ads are of course nothing new nowadays, but I think it’ll be interesting to see how this particular deal develops. Approaches to in game ads I’ve seen so far have treated them as a commodity, much like web and print: “Here’s the space for ads, go get some from anyone who’ll pay us”. Games have bumped into a bit more of a problem in terms of making sure the ads are appropriate to the game world. On that front, Monumental’s deal with Reebok is more progressive than anything I’ve seen presented at conferences: Instead of commoditising, it seems to take a long term, partnership oriented view.

(CC image by Xavier Encinas)



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