Inflammatory Marketing

8 09 2008

This is disruptive yet amusing. Electronic Arts took over a petrol station and gave away over £20,000 worth of fuel to UK drivers. Why? To promote a game of course. They have made national news and done something that people will talk about a lot. The resulting marketing will be worth way more than an equivalent ad spend.

There are plenty of local residents unhappy with the disruption, and plenty of contented motorists. The BBC quoth:

Prince Davis, 37, who queued patiently for a quarter of an hour for free petrol, said: “This is a genius idea, whoever thought of this should be promoted.

“I’ll definitely be buying the game, you’re never too old to play computer games.”

Louise Marchant, from Electronic Arts, said the scenes of queuing mimicked aspects of the game.

She explained: “It’s set in Venezuela, you play a mercenary and fuel is used as a currency.”

(CC image by Sam Hailstone)



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