TT Games Work Goes Into Lego Batman Cartoon

28 08 2008

Less than a month ago I blogged about Jon Burton of TT Games saying they’d like to make telly programs and possibly films.

It turns out that “further in the future” meant “about a month”, with breaking the story today that an animated short is to be made with the assets from Lego Batman. However, it seems Warner have given the project to a third party:

“We’re looking to do… a Lego Batman series. I think they’re looking at doing a one-off initially,” he said. “And they’re basically able to utilise the assets, because our team has brought Lego characters to life.”

Earl added that Traveller’s Tales had no involvement in the production of the show, which is “being done by a separate studio in the States.”

“My understanding is that they will use the engine, the Maya files where the characters come to life, but they’ll be creating animated… I think it’s a 20-minute cartoon. I’m personally quite intrigued to see how it comes out. Lego, every time they’ve had a new brand out, they’ve done some CGI stuff as well, but I think this will be quite different.”



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