Stealth Outsourcing

26 08 2008

The most interesting thing I’ve read today is Gamasutra’s interview with Japanese outsourcing firm Tose. The company owns a little bit of IP, but the vast majority of work done in its 29 year history remains secret. The overall impression the anonymous interviewee gives is of a company that is humble, yet proud of the work they do.

I’ve seen similar attitudes from UK studio owners who do work for hire; AAA development gets prestige but can be volatile, whereas lesser projects can keep a business dependable in the long run, even if it is in the shade when it comes to publicity. While IP ownership is advisable for any studio, no IP is guaranteed to be successful, and banking solely on it is a high risk approach. Tose seems to take a very safe approach, and as a result employs around 1000 people.

(CC image by me)



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