The Image of Social Games

8 08 2008

A few days ago, Keith Stuart wrote an exceptionally good post on the Guardian Gamesblog, about the current advertising Nintendo are putting out for the DS.

It’s not just targeting older gamers and families, but now everyone, and with a slightly different approach. Very little gameplay footage is shown compared to social interaction, and this is sending a very different and positive message about games out into mainstream culture:

What he doesn’t mention is the way in which the relationship forms the focal point of the ad, not the game. It’s the same with the other adverts in the series (and the earlier versions which appeared at the end of last year), all of them based around warm, playful friendships in which the handheld console becomes a social/conversational facilitator. The message is, games aren’t something you slope off to do in private, they’re something to be shared. They’re normal.

The ads are also interesting in their use of a documentary-style presentation – they appear unscripted and ‘natural’, as though we’re peeping into private moments, as though Patrick Stewart and Julie Walters really do share a love of brain training software.

Go and read the whole post now 🙂



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