TTTV: Traveler’s Tales Aiming at Television

7 08 2008

For a few years now, since Lorne Lanning’s announcement of Citizen Siege at GameCity, game developers have been talking about using the same art assets for games and films.

With the backing and IP of time Warner, Traveller’s Tales have now set their sights on making children’s programs and one day possibly films:

And for me personally, I think further in the future we’re making a kids’ TV show… using some of the tech we’ve developed for games. In the mid-distance, personally, to be able to dabble around in CG and film would be interesting, and Warner allows me to push in those directions without “quitting the day job,” so to speak. So for me, to look to the future and think, “I wouldn’t mind [doing a film]…” And Warner allows me to take a step in that direction, and if I suck? Great, I’ll make games.

I’ve got experience in top-level design and direction and have spent 18 years analyzing movies, so it’s “how do you build that into a game?” It’s very interesting and exciting, but it’s just one possible avenue that’s available for me personally within this deal. If I’d wanted to do this in another arena – if we’d been acquired by, say, an Activision, I’d have to leave, and then I’m out of the industry.

If we did get to making movies… we could make the game and the film at the same time, and there are so many things you could build at the same time. My dream is combining the two, and making a property that you can share all the assets across everything taking place.

Strictly ambition and speculation for now, but nonetheless very intersting. TT Games are in a very good position to manage something like this.

(CC image by Kaptain Kobold)



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