Codemasters and SCi in top 20 Publishers Worldwide

5 08 2008

EDGE Online has definitely upped its game compared to its old incarnation, Next Gen.

Today I see there stats and rankings for the top 20 worldwide publishers, and considering we only have two major ones in the UK, it’s good that both of them are in the list: Codemasters have placed 18th and are ranked 10th for Profit/Loss, while SCi/Eidos are at 17 on both counts (with some nasty losses).

FY07 Revenue: $149M, +45% (Rank: 18 )
FY07 Profit/Loss: $15M (Rank: 10)
Titles in Global Top 100: 1 (Rank: 16)
Units in Global Top 100: 0.7M (Rank: 19)
Review Average: 68% (Rank: 8 )

FY07 Revenue: $285M, -24% (Rank: 17)
FY07 Profit/Loss: -$197M (Rank: 17)
Titles in Global Top 100: 2 (Rank: 11)
Units in Global Top 100: 1.3M (Rank: 14)
Review Average: 68% (Rank: 9)

There’s a heap of data there on the 20 companies, which I’d really like to see graphed but unfortunately don’t have time to do myself right now.

Of course, even a cursory inspection reveals massive disparity between the top placing ones and the UK. Had the publishing industry over here not been completely cannibalised, we’d be placing higher and more frequently, but as things stand UK publishers are pretty small fish, with the top five worldwide posting billions rather than in the low hundreds of millions. Hopefully one day we *won’t* be looking at data with this kind of spread for UK games studios:

5. Konami:
FY08 Revenue: $1,804M, +29% (Rank: 7)
FY08 Operating Profit/Loss: $356M (Rank: 3)

4. Microsoft
FY08 Revenue: $7,734M (Entertainment and Devices Division), +25% (Rank: 3)
FY08 Operating Profit/Loss: -$574M (Rank: 19)

3. Electronic Arts
FY08 Revenue: $3,665M, +19% (Rank: 4)
FY08 Profit/Loss: -$454M (Rank 18 )

2. Activision
FY08 Revenue: $2,898M, +92% (Rank: 5)
FY08 Profit/Loss: $345M (Rank: 4)

1. Nintendo
FY08 Revenue: $16,858M (including hardware), +106% (Rank: 1)
FY08 Profit/Loss: $2,595M (Rank: 1)

Nintendo are eating everyone alive right now, but even some of the biggest publishers are having a very tough time.



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