Rating System Fight Continues…

8 07 2008

The BBFC and PEGI continue to campaign against each other and for themselves, with the drumbeat of PR and anti-PR increasing in particular over the last week.

Today, at the Westminster briefing on the games industry, Margaret Hodge called for a “grown up” debate on the subject. It seems each has half of the solution: PEGI has a smoothly run back-end that’s scalable and already covers online and offline content. The BBFC has amazing “brand recognition”, with age rating symbols that have been emphatically drummed into the British psyche.

Since the games industry has cast the government as the miserly villain throughout the debate on tax breaks, it’s good to see a government representative sensibly warning the ratings bodies off a political conflict. The mudslinging is achieving nothing worthwhile and relegates a very important issue to the same territory as Microsoft and Sony execs regularly taking digs at each other in the industry press.

It shouldn’t be forgotten in the middle of this that the BBFC have often been in the corner of games, defending them against the more outlandish claims leveled at them. Hopefully the two can come to a resolution without either being unilaterally swept aside.

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