Limbo of the Lost

2 07 2008

A game called Limbo of the Lost has been doing the rounds on blogs and news sites for the past few weeks. It’s a spectacular instance of plagiarism, and now also an hilarious net meme.

The excellent Rock Paper Shotgun have one of the best introductions to the whole saga, but basically:

Three men from England have been developing this thmeselves for many years. It was finally published this year by Tri-Synergy, them quickly withdrawn when GamePlasma pointed out that many of the backdrops from the game are screenshots from Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls.

It took hours for people to start pointing out other instances of plagiarism, which were mostly collected in this thread on Neogaf. RPS then ran a fantastic photoshop competition to put the Limbo of the Lost protagonist into more games.

The developers were apparently “on holiday” while all of this broke. After claiming in interviews that they were developing this all by themselves, and at least one third party corroborating it, they eventually returned and said “Er, nothing to do with us guv… it was outsourcers!

These guys have guaranteed their game a place in videogame history, but for all the wrong reasons.

(I believe the image is from one of the Kings Quest games, via the RPS competition gallery)




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