Neil Young: Mobile is Coming of Age

30 06 2008

A few weeks ago I blogged about Neil Young leaving EA, and today Newsweek have revealed the nature of the company he’s setting up:

I repeat: what the heck is ngmoco?

Young plans to focus on developing and publishing games for iPhone class mobile devices.

That’s it?

No, there’s more. “I want ngmoco to feel like 1st party for the iPhone,” says Young. “I want customers to feel like there’s somebody out there that’s building games, that’s financing games, that’s helping games get made that take advantage of what the device does really well, and gets beyond porting a PSP game or a DS game. Young cites Nintendo as a lodestar for the way the Japanese developer-publisher has built games like Nintendogs, Brain Age and Zelda that show off what the DS is best at. “The iPhone is a unique device, right? It has a camera in it. It will be a 3G phone. It will have GPS. It has a touch screen. It has accelerometers. It’s got good graphics performance. It’s got all your media on there. My instinct is, the type of games that will make people want to buy more iPhones or more devices of that class are the types of things that really showcase the capabilities and bring what we know as game designers together with what Apple has delivered as a platform

Convergent devices are creating rapidly expanding territories for games to move into. The high degree of novelty should lead us to expect widespread experimentation and correspondingly high failure rates. As well as a few new commercial successes, convergence will probably lead to the emergence of some innovations that are driven more by culture than profit.

(CC image by HolgerE)



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