Pinnacle Offers Third Way To Market

27 06 2008

Distributor Pinnacle are experimenting with an offer for developers to get games to market without using a publisher. It aimed squarely at people who already have work to put out, rather than the traditional process of pitching, greenlighting, investment, acquisitions, etc.

Gamecock is not dissimilar, but they’ve just done a deal with a publisher. It’s still to be seen what they’ll become. We’re a service provider.

People have traditionally known Pinnacle for pick, pack, ship, sales – they wouldn’t have associated us with marketing, PR or financing products. What we don’t want is a load of people saying, “Give us a load of money and we’ll make you a great game.” We’re not interested in that. We’re interested in people who need assistance to get over the line without conceding control.

The talk all sounds very similar to GameCock, and the distributor taking over some publisher roles without others is just a part of the impending blur around digital media.

We very firmly see ourselves as the missing part of what a developer would need to form a publishing stategy. We have developers who don’t need any contribution to development, but who don’t have a licence to publish. We can offer them that, so long as they can satisfy the requirements. Every single deal is different. Generally, you’ll find the developer name on the front of the box, and on the back you’ll find ‘Distributed worldwide by Pinnacle Software’.

Head over to MCV for the full interview.

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