Neil Young Leaves EA

20 06 2008

Boom Blox

N’Gai Croal broke news on Wednesday (early hours of Thursday GMT) that Neil Young has left EA to form a new company. Of note is the litany of games Croal cites him as working on:

During his 11 year tenure at EA, the affable Brit captained such projects as the ahead-of-its-time alternate reality game Majestic and the well-received licensed game The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Following that, Young was put in charge of Maxis during the production of Sims 2 before being promoted to vice president and general manager of EA Los Angeles, where he supervised Medal of Honor Airborne and Boom Blox. Before his departure from EA, Young was heading up EA Blueprint, which was exploring the creation of adventurous new intellectual properties with smaller teams and budgets.

With the four horsemen of the gaming apocalypse now riding*, even the biggest, slowest players are frantically trying to innovate with games such as Spore. Is it possible that they still not moving fast enough? After all, Phil Harrison and Raph Koster both left Sony because the company wasn’t fast enough off the blocks on social gaming.

* “Casual, ARGs, Convergence and Big Media” as far as it appears right now. The word “apocalypse” only has negative associations by context, in itself it’s a fairly neutral word



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