Guardian Rallies for UK Games Industry

16 06 2008

The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper has lent it’s voice to the call for the government to give a break to the UK games industry, in today’s tightly worded editorial:

The Darling brothers will be grateful for their CBEs, but would have been even more delighted if recognition had taken a tangible form. The UK games sector is facing an exodus of talent to other countries offering tax incentives, particularly Canada. If companies relocating to Quebec can claim tax credits of up to 30% of payroll costs, small wonder they are migrating in swarms. The industry is lobbying the government to invest in a UK success story to prevent the exodus and secure it for the future. But subsidising industry is too “old Labour” for this government. Instead it is planning to complain to the World Trade Organisation, a procedure that could take years.

That the Guardian tends to be q fairly pro-games paper notwithstanding, it’s good too see a non-games specific voice joining the call.

(CC image of the Guardian by Owen Blacker)




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