Brand Assumptions

3 06 2008

Beauty and The Beast

News about UK developer discontent rumbles on, and for now hardly seems worth blogging about, but I did see this intersting piece on Gamesindustry this morning: Disney games are hampered by preconceptions, says Black Rock boss.

Black Rock Studio’s general manager, Tony Beckwith, has said the studio’s greatest challenge will be overcoming stereotypes associated with the Disney brand.

The Brighton-based developer, previously known as Climax Racing, said that it would have to fight preconceptions around the Disney name if it is to make its upcoming arcade racer Pure a success.

An increasing amount of large brand owners are entering games by buying up studios or starting their own, but as the marketplace for games grows and splinters, brand owners may find it difficult to make a convincing offering. This isn’t just Sony trying to shed the “games are for kids” preconception, nor is it Microsoft trying to shed the “Men in suits” image. It’s lots of companies simultaneously trying to either grow their brand in a new direction, or harmonise games with it.




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