Ste Curran on Wider Markets

12 05 2008 have posted an interview with Ste Curran, creative director at Zoe Mode and presenter of One Life Left.

I saw Ste present at GameCity 2007, and he’s sharp as a tack. In this interview he points out that, though the Wii has made some mass market changes, it wasn’t the first or only thing to be moving into wider territories for games:

I don’t know – it’s not like girls are a new technology…they’ve always existed, and people have always wanted to sing, dance and play games like that. It seems to me that you could talk in terms of things like marketing capacity and throughput of units, and so on, about whether the industry is in a better place to attract that kind of market, but I can see an alternate reality where the first few games that were developed weren’t necessarily sword-and-sorcery games, but maybe were dancing games – so that games developed as more of a teenage girls’ hobby, and only just now would we be busting out into the GTAs of this world.

I think there are a lot of things that make it the right time for gaming, I think it could have happened earlier. In a way, it did happen earlier. People talk about it now in terms of Nintendo, but SingStar did a lot for getting PlayStation 2s in front of teenage girls – just for that game. And SingStar is totally valid as a videogame, I think it’s as precisely designed as any action game.

As an event organiser, I’m also very interested in this, which lines up with some of my recent thinking:

I think that a lot of conferences miss opportunities – you’ve got all of these incredibly creative people, very talented, in the room and unless I’ve just been unlucky with conference sessions in the past, but I tend to find it’s usually a man stood in front of a series of PowerPoint slides, which were prepared by somebody in his office, and he takes you through them very patiently – and that sends me to sleep, it’s not what I’m really interested in.

(CC image of people playing Singstar by clurr)



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