Nickelodeon Increases Game Production

20 03 2008


Yet more big media pushing into games: Nickelodeon plans to make a further 600 original flash games this year, and get 1000 more from other publishers. They’ve also reiterated a commitment to virtual worlds, and announced game development tools aimed at users rather than game developers:

— is a completely new vertical launch for the Nickelodeon Kids and Family Group. Launching in third quarter, will provide users with various tools to build new Nick-branded or original games and levels within existing games.

— AddictingGames Toolkits and Shockwave Gamebuilder: AddictingGame Toolkits and Shockwave Gamebuilder lets users create and upload their own versions of games and game levels using simple drag and drop editing tools, and a selection of art assets. AddictingGames has already seen huge success with the first of these games, Pencil Racer, launched in February.

— Role Player: users have spent years creating their own role-playing games on the site’s message boards. Groups of friends craft rich, collaborative stories, some of which have gone on for years. Role Player, launching in June, gives users new tools to create games, expanding and enriching these stories outside of the confines of the message boards. Users can invent their own worlds and characters, audition players, and customize different versions of their avatars to fit each game they’re playing.

They already have around 5000 games, and claim 80% of their audience play games. Yahoo have a copy of the full press release.



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