The Lost Ring

19 03 2008

Tails loses rings

Jane McGonigal spoke a little bit about her new ARG, The Lost Ring, at GDC. It’s worth a look if you’re interested in them, since it’s probably the most ambitious yet: Eight languages, many countries, and running with the Olympic games. It seems to be the fulfillment of ambitions she’s had for a while. Here she was speaking about running ARGs in China a year ago:

How you would pull it off, I’m not exactly sure. That’s one of the things we’re working on, ARGs in China and India… The idea for that project is teens in American having to recruit allies across the world because missions will be taking place locally in, you know, Latvia, and Bangalore and you have to somehow get real people in these cities to play with you and work with you to solve stuff and coordinate. Coordinating with people in another state, that’s not really that big of a shift. So Hong Kong might be the city for that.

It will be fascinating to watch this unfold.

(Edit: Jane has posted her SXSW Keynote slides here)



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