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14 03 2008

Myths and fantasies

It’s a clunky title for a book and, *gasp*, they use comic sans on the website, but this may be some of the most vital research to backup games for a considerable time to come. It will apparently talk about the actual risks of videogames rather than hysterically imagined ones, and about how parents and teachers can manage them.

The Myths section seems quite noteworthy – while nothing there is really new to or not suspected by developers, it presents the information in a way that’s very direct and understandable, making it good for pointing people to:

MYTH: The growth in violent video game sales is linked to the growth in youth violence — especially school violence — throughout the country.

FACT: Video game popularity and real-world youth violence have been moving in opposite directions. Violent juvenile crime in the United States reached a peak in 1993 and has been declining ever since. School violence has also gone down. Between 1994 and 2001, arrests for murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assaults fell 44 percent, resulting in the lowest juvenile arrest rate for violent crimes since 1983. Murder arrests, which reached a high of 3,800 in 1993, plummeted to 1400 by 2001.

It also has a chapter on an actual, honest to goodness study of violence and games:

We may be asking the wrong questions, and making the wrong assumptions. For example, instead of looking for a simple, direct relationship between video game violence and violent behavior in all children, we should be asking how we might identify those children who are at greatest risk for being influenced by these games.

Preorders are open on Amazon now.

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