DSGi: Games Publisher

7 03 2008

Dixons Store

The DSGi group have announced that they are going into videogames publishing, starting with a casual and PC focus, potentially moving into mobile. They’re looking to engage developers, and are certainly thinking about this along a lot of vectors, including digital distribution. MCV are the only source of an original report right now:

We’re working on a publishing model that will have a retail product and a download product. I’d also love to get a successful product and take it to the platform holders so we can get it on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.”

Johnson also believes that DSGi’s existing store base and infrastructure combined with innovative new ideas from developers could create a new publishing force to be reckoned with.

“Eventually we could look to partner with companies that have worked in publishing as well as retail and distribution,” he added. “I’ve got a vison of a business model including global publishing deals – if the IP we discover is strong enough, why not?”

Far from settling, the dust is only just beginning to be kicked up with regard to videogames retail and publishing.



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