Post-GDC Post

4 03 2008

Jetpack Brontosaurus
All of us are now back in the office after GDC. It was exhausting and brilliant, with over 18,000 people there and a barrage of sessions – so many that each of us often wanted to be in more than one place at once.

Toby’s talks on Monday both went down well, despite him having to sprint a block to get from one to the next (Well there’s a way to incentivise speakers not to overshoot their timeslots). Highlights for us were the IGF Expo Pavillion, showing some of the best indie games around and giving an opportunity to chat with their creators, and the Game Developer’s Rant, which this year featured excellent rants from Clint Hocking and Chris Hecker.

Another good session was The Blur, in which Flint Dille spoke about creating franchises in a world of user generated content and transmedia expectations. He set some very information dense slides running in the background, stated that they were in case anyone got bored of him, and proceeded to have a long in depth discussion with members of the audience approaching a mic.

You can see some photos in David Hayward and Pixel-Lab‘s Flickr streams.

(Image: Jetpack Brontosaurus, by Flashbang Studios)



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