Unreal Engine for Non-Games Applications

15 02 2008

Dallas Cowboys

Via Develop comes news of the Unreal Engine being licensed to create walkthroughs of stadiums. The link to Mark Rein’s February piece for Develop quotes them:

“It renders 30 frames per second instead of one per hour – that’s 3,000 times faster than traditional animation methods. This makes it a first (and only) in the architectural industry.”

(The image above shows a non-realtime, non-UEngine render of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium).

Epic, as well as a startup or two, really started pushing this stuff around 2002/2003. I’ve seen architecture students dismiss earlier versions of the engine as completely impractical for anything related to professional architecture, but realtime rendering, interactivity and smoother integration with third paty 3D packages was bound to push engines in this direction. It’s going to be an interesting transition to watch.



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