Off to GDC 08

14 02 2008

GDC 08

Pixel-Lab will next week effectively pack up and be off for 10 days to the States.  David & I will be attending GDC, the largest games industry conference, and are exited that as a company we will be there in force.

I am speaking at the IGDA Government & Associations Summit on the Monday, and at the IGDA education event on the Monday & Tuesday.

As well as having tonnes of meetings on regional support, tv and virtual world cross overs, pitching our new training, and generally getting about.  If you are going make sure to add us on MyGDC, if not we will see you when we get back.

apologies for lack of posting next week 🙂

GAS Idea Takeaway
The goal of this seminar is to identify what issues are best addressed by government and support organizations and to find strategies to deal with them. It is also a networking opportunity for the participants. The seminar is also intended as a source of inspiration that lasts.

Intended Audience
A broad definition of the intended participant is: someone who is involved with developing the structural factors for game developers, but not necessarily developing games herself. This includes civil servants in cultural-, economic development and technology fields, trade associations, policy-makers, researchers (cultural studies rather than tech or design), active IGDA-members (chapter organizer).

Education Event – Session Description
This 2-day summit will focus on nuts & bolts practices in curriculum and teaching methods for game development education. There will be two tracks, one aimed at novice educators just entering the game education genre, the second for experienced educators looking for additional tools teaching game design and development. There will be lectures, model curricula, case blasts, post-mortems, interactive hands-on sessions as well as great opportunities for networking and discussion throughout the workshop. Attendees will leave with useful examples and ideas on how to best develop and/or reinvigorate game development curricula in their institution.

Idea Takeaway
The goal of this workshop is to address educational issues by sharing examples of best practices in teaching and curricula. It is our hope that participants will collaborate and help create guidelines for the growing community of educators teaching video game design and development.

Intended Audience
The workshop has value for teachers, students and developers interested in a dialog between education and industry professionals. This workshop is aimed at higher education practices.




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