Destiny of Post-Production

13 02 2008


Good post on the Skillset blog about post-production, with this part applicable to game development:

<blockquote>Now, we need to forget the demarcations of “post”, “tv”, “animation” etc, and start instilling the concept that where ever you sit in the industry, you are part of a value-added chain: the ‘creatives’ come up with the concept, the ‘production staff’ make it a (in some cases, virtual) reality, and perhaps the role of our future “First Post” stars is to maximise the opportunities for generating revenue from that content – as Adobe now say, “from screen to screen” – getting the content from tv to phone, from cinema to game, from blog to e-zine.  But what is also lacking in the industry is the entreprenurial management and leadership skills to spot these new opportunities and exploit them.

So, any answers?</blockquote>

Management and leadership skills? There’s not really much codified yet. For instance, the current writer’s strike in the US is a baby step on the way to dealing with the new environment. It’s going to take quite a while for any adequate methods of dealing with this to filter up and become routine, and even then, games won’t necessarily be out of the woods: While plenty of people have been talking up a storm about the running of UK game development studios for the past six years or so, even non-media companies in well established industries have difficulty recruiting good management.




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