SCi Analysis

23 01 2008


Nicholas Lovell does an analysis of recent events with SCi over at MCV. It has a good overview of the history and situation, along with a choice quote or two:

Some of these operational issues may have stemmed from the difficulties in adapting from running a small SCi to a significantly-larger Eidos with global reach. SCi’s management team built their reputation running a lean publisher with no in-house development and tight financial controls. The entire staff was small enough for senior management to know everyone by name. The acquisition of Pivotal Games, developers of the Conflict series, took SCi’s employee count to over 100, but with Eidos, management suddenly had to deal with over 700 staff spread around the world, including large and critical teams in San Francisco (Crystal Dynamics) and IO (Copenhagen).

The share price started a steep decline and the announcement in early January that all bid conversations had terminated, combined with a profit warning, led to a 50% collapse. In less than a year, SCi’s share price had fallen 90%. As the Financial Times said, “As a rule of thumb, when only Northern Rock is below you in the list of the FTSE All-Share’s worst-performing stocks, something needs to be done.”



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