Skillset Blog

21 01 2008


Skillset are blogging, we noticed recently, and there’s some good stuff there. Particularly, a post today about UK games industry salaries. The quote Develop:

the average salaries for artists, designers and producers have risen in the past 12 months – with some senior level producer and designer roles now commanding up to £10,000 per annum more than they did a year ago.

and commentate:

This all sounds good for the games workforce, but it can easily be seen as an indicator that positions are becoming harder to fill in the UK. If recruitment is a driver of salaries in general – and companies are having to offer more money to acquire the services of appropriately skilled employees it’s an indicator of a skills shortage in those areas. With experienced talent in demand, experienced games developers are evidently holding out for the best offer.

This has many implications – particularly with the UK becoming an comparatively expensive place to make games – but for skills it supports Skillset’s research indicating a shortage of high level staff and high level skills – our next job is to establish what to do to combat this shortage.



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