“Golden Age of Games”

14 01 2008

Loast Coast

A couple of MCV pieces caught my attention recently. It’s surprising just how well games did up to the end of 2008, particularly as retailers in other sectors were having such a bad time. MCV reported:

In the week that the retail analyst SPSL stated that many days during the Christmas period retail performance were ‘hugely disappointing’, leading specialist retailer GAME revealed that its year-end profits were set to outstrip forecasts and break the £70 million barrier for the first time.

Screen Digest have gone so far to suggest we’re at the cusp of a “Golden Age“:

Dubbing 2008 “a golden year for games retail”, Screen Digest senior games analyst Piers Harding-Rolls said that Nintendo will continue to shine as it seduces non-gamers and Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’s aspirations as ‘multimedia hubs’ will become a reality within the next 12 months.

“We expect the good trading conditions to continue in 2008 as all three of the latest generation of consoles hit the mainstream consumer head on,” he told MCV.



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