Top XBLA Games of 2007

10 01 2008


The list is up at Major Nelson’s blog of the top 10 games on the Xbox Live Arcade in 2007, and it’s utterly dominated by retro titles and long running franchises.

As Develop point out, this is quite ironic:

Microsoft touts Xbox Live Arcade as a perfect platform for new ideas and independent releases, however it’s clear that the major sales drivers are those with familiar brands or concepts. Geometry Wars (now almost two years old) remains the one major breakthrough game that was (relatively) new to the service.

It brings to mind Jeff Minter’s recent ranting about Space Giraffe vs. Frogger. Is the popularity of retro over innovation here a reflection of the culture of Xbox 360 owners? Something to do with the structure of the marketplace? Retro games may well exert a stronger pull due to their familiarity.

I suspect this is the case; my first thought on looking through the downloaded games on a friend’s Wii was “Ooh! Toejam and Earl!”



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