We are no longer naked. Pixel-Lab & Never Mind the Polygon T-shirts

13 12 2007


Our first ever batch of T-Shirts have arrived (#1-3), and they look awesome. New ones will be made to accompany each Pixel-Lab event.

Printed on heavy Jerzees T-Shirts, these will make you the envy of developers everywhere. Each design features a game in our Hall of Fame, it’s designer, platform of choice, and year of. Conditions of wear are printeed on the back.
These cost £15 at the events, and will soon be available online for £18.

Current designs are shown below, and new ones will appear shortly before each event.

#1 – Loco Roco (PSP)
#2 – Mario Kart (SNES)
#3 – Out Run (arcade)

1446948-1211334-thumbnail.jpg 1446948-1211335-thumbnail.jpg 1446948-1211336-thumbnail.jpg

Click to enlarge1446948-1211418-thumbnail.jpg



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