Kuju Opens Two New UK Studios

4 12 2007

Nik Nak LogoKuju has added two brand new studios to it’s stable, doublesix and Nik Nak. Respectively from Gamasutra and Next Generation:

Officials from British developer Kuju have announced that the company has established a new studio named doublesix, which will be dedicated solely to developing downloadable games for Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, WiiWare and the PC.

I’ll be interested to see the eventual headcount of doublesix: While, for instance, PopCap have become a casual leviathan with nearly 100 employees, some large developers anticipate scaling problems with management overheads for that many staff and such small teams, even staying out of the arena entirely as a result. It might be easier for a new studio to handle though.

On Nik Nak:

Currently working on a series of titles for a core audience of 6 – 12 year olds which will be announced early in 2008, NiK NaK will only make PEGI rated 7+ games or below (ESRB ‘E’ for everyone 10+ or below).

Maybe studio brands are part of the solution to issues surrounding game content and minors? For some years, Blitz have been running imprints that develop for specific age groups and markets.



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