Australia: Tax Breaks Under Consideration

8 11 2007

At first, this story sounds like Australian game developers are getting a much better response with regard to tax breaks than their UK counterparts. However, the key words are obviously “if reelected”.

The Australian Government’s Minister of the Arts and Sport has told the Game Developers’ Association of Australia that his party will review the possibility of creating a tax break for games production in the country if re-elected.

Senator George Brandis met with the CEO of the GDAA, Greg Bondar, and a delegation of local developers including the CEO of IR Gurus Mike Fegan and the CEO of Team Bondi, Martin Cooper.

At the meeting he said that, if the ruling Coalition government was re-elected into office he would initiate a review into the GDAA’s call for a 40 per cent tax rebate on games development.



One response

16 11 2007

Brandis, sadly, has not got a great record on such things. He seeks money from lobby groups and drags a vague comission process out for years. Stephen Conroy, from the opposition Labor party, has promised to both implement the tax breaks as a major policy directive and institute a – wait for it – comission – into getting an R rating for games.

At this point, however, its all about the pudding, and what sort of proof we can extract.

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