World Rally Championship Interactive

31 10 2007

Originally spotted in NMA, but their site is packed with reg and subscription walls, so here’s the story from another source:, currently a subscription site, will be relaunched on 1 January as a free website, following the acquisition of the commercial rights by N.One, the digital arm of North One TV, which produces the site’s TV content.

The new site will be heavily promoted on TV and feature more than 200 hours of on-board and rally footage filmed by North One TV. will also launch gaming applications for PC, mobile and consoles. N.One is in talks to merge WRC data and virtual mapping with its gaming engines to allow users to race on actual rally courses.

I’m pretty sure Evolution Studios, and hence now Sony, still have the rights to WRC. Thanks to Evolution’s WRC work done before MotorStorm, there’s already a community in games, and, as it stands, seems to have one too. I wonder how well they’ll merge?



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