Areae Reveals Plans

19 09 2007


Raph Koster and co. at Area have been keeping quiet about what they’re doing, though the logo and Raph’s general talk of “game meets web” has been pretty revealing. Today, they announced Metaplace, which allows many virtual worlds to be connected up. From CNet:

“We are re-inventing virtual worlds that stop working like AOL,” Koster said, “and start working the way the Web does….You can build a massive multiplayer game in minutes there are style sheets to make building easier.

Koster said that Metaplace would allow users to employ Web 2.0 tools like tags, wikis and forums in the pursuit of quickly and easily making usable, fun virtual worlds.

It’s 2D only so far, but they’re working on a 3D client too.

Viewed from the games industry, it’s an incredible idea. Viewed from the web, it just seems sensible.

(via Wonderland)



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