Brown Weighs In On Games

7 09 2007

Starting on Monday, Gordon Brown joined the political discussion of video-games. Here’s a run down of what’s been happening since.

In response to David Cameron’s recent comments on “fighting back” against violence in media, Brown first talked about looking at the effects of violent media, but the comments were first misinterpreted as meaning a ban by the Daily Mirror.

Brown was quick to clarify he “has no interest in censorship”:

“This is not the government telling people what they should do … this is society reaching a conclusion with all those people involved about what are the legitimate boundaries.”

The DCMS also spoke to MCV to clarify the proposed review:

“We already have strict controls for video games but we must investigate what more we can do to stop children seeing inappropriate content. The review and our work with both the industry and public will look at how we can better help parents manage their children’s access to unsuitable games.”

A week on from David Cameron’s manifesto against media violence, I’m quite relieved that everything is getting so tempered. Still, how to get parents to take age ratings on games seriously is a very important question. There’s quite a cheesy suggestion in the comments on that MCV piece, but I can’t help thinking it might have a profound effect:

ALL publishers/developers/stores should get together and for a month give away a pack of [condom]s a pack of cigs and a [porn]o mag with EVERY 18 game. See if that drives home to the dumb parents what an 18 rating means when they look at you like your [sic] satan for handing that lot to their kid along with his game and a polite “If he likes that maybe he’d like these”.



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