Warner Interactive London Expands

3 09 2007

Warner Interactive are recruiting/headhunting sales, marketing and PR people for their new London office, and Ron Scott, VP of worldwide sales and distribution, has been interviewed by MCV. A couple of tidbits:

This move into games isn’t going to preclude us from licensing products – we have a broader portfolio of IP than we have development capability at the moment. So our partners like EA, Midway and Eidos will continue to be actively licensing IP, but I think you’ll see a larger percentage of Warner properties come on board as we develop the extra teams.

We’ve chosen to let other people take the risk and now we feel that we can take a bigger share of that overall entertainment dollar with games.

It is vital to be a fully functional publisher. We are not just an arm of a business that is simply going to leverage the movie properties that Warner has – we are going to be a creative force as well.



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