23 08 2007

Oxford based middleware provider NaturalMotion have been working closely with quite a few developers worldwide, including RockStar and LucasArts, to integrate fluid procedural animation into their games. Today, they announced their own game IP: Backbreaker.

It sounds like it’s going to be more an arcade game than a sports simulation, which certainly suits the disaster-porn-esque rough and tumble of colliding bodies that NaturalMotion’s software is so good at. Indeed, the entire trailer for it focusses on tackling.

While it’s not necessarily my kind of game, I’m pleased to see it. The UK has slipped to 4th biggest game developer in the world from 3rd. The dollar rate is squeezing UK developers. We still have the development talent and critical mass to launch new IP, but it’s a fire that needs fanning.



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