Ubisoft: Game Campus

13 08 2007

Yves Guillemot speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival today:

To make sure we can make blockbuster products we are recruiting about 500 people are year, and plan to go to 600 to 900 in the next few years. We can’t recruit this many people, so we have to develop them. We have a campus in Montreal, and will open campuses elsewhere (china etc) to allow us to develop people so that they can go straight to developing games. We need to have the possibility to take risks and to fail. The more risk you take the more chance you have to develop better products.

We are creating a CGI studio in Montreal and elsewhere. [Talks about cross-pollination of CGI movie professionals and games industry]

Later on audiences:

We think people will learn 5 times faster than a book, using a Nintendo DS. If we ensure that the content is interesting and the right match for the user.

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14 08 2007
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