Brands in PSHome, Plus Advertising Loophole

10 08 2007

NMA has a couple of interesting news items on brands and virtual worlds today. Unfortunately, they’re locked up behind a paywall, so I’m rolling them into one entry with excerpts.

Firstly, it’s been revealed within the last week that Diesel and Nike are both setting up a presence in PlayStation Home. From the print edition:

According to Mindshare, which is handling media planning/buying for the virtual world, Nike is looking at sponsoring a room where users can discuss and buy sports products, and Diesel is looking at providing content, such as music.

(Paywalled version is online here).

This certainly contrasts interestingly with American Apparel closing it’s store in Second Life, as well as general rumblings against it.

Secondly, virtual worlds have just been found to be a huge loophole in UK laws that stop junk food companies from targeting children with their advertising. Excerpt, again, from the print edition:

Brands buying space within virtual worlds can avoid breaking the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regulations on advertising to children online by staying within their own paid for space.

According to the ASA, only ads in the ‘public realm’ – for example, those placed on a virtual billboard – would fall within its remit. Any other, such as sponsored rooms or shops, remain free from regulation.

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10 08 2007

Nice find.

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