10tacle and Climax to Partner

10 08 2007

German game development network 10tacle has bought a 29% stake in UK independent Climax. It’s part of a planned partnership, and 10tacle are considering drawing Climax even further into their business. Work planned includes a virtual world for MTV:

Together, Climax and 10tacle will be working on two action and fantasy titles and then also work on a new online world commissioned by MTV Europe.

The partnership means the two will also look to expand their studios further and combined the two would have a large workforce.

Climax manages two studios – one in Portsmouth and a handheld team in London – and has around 200 employees. 10tacle, meanwhile, has around 400 employees at different studios across Europe, including London-based racing team Blimey Games and GTR-maker Simbin.

“The agreed cooperation of our companies will form one of the biggest independent development-partnership worldwide for next-gen, PC, video- and online-entertainment,” said Michele Pes, CEO of 10tacle.

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