Ian Livingstone: UK Devs Need Level Playing Field

12 07 2007

Ian Livingstone has an opinion piece up on MCV, lending weight to the call for UK game development tax breaks:

In continuing to focus on skills and the development of a first rate workforce the government is showing great foresight in tackling one of the key challenges faced by the industry.

This new focus will certainly help to build on the success of the accreditation scheme already piloted by Skillset and backed by the games industry, and we welcome the increased commitment to new skills initiatives shown by the government and look forward to working with them to ensure that industry’s needs are met.

However, raising the level of skills in the workforce alone does not address all the issues facing the UK development community.

From an industry standpoint, an increasingly concerning issue for us to address is that UK development community is losing its competitive position in global gaming and in the main this can be attributed to the fact that other territories are offering very attractive investment propositions.

For example, in Montreal, the Quebec games subsidy means studios can claim up to 37.5% of their creative staff’s salaries after a year of business – there’s even a possible 40% tax credit for R&D and other credits for major employment-generating projects.



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