Looming Maples

3 07 2007

David Gardner was recently awarded an OBE for promoting the UK for game development.

Is the business really going to stay here though? Canada has already siphoned away a good deal of French game development, and if the tax credits are really that good it could pose a similar risk to English-speaking development communities.

Shaun Woodward highlights it while repeating the call for a UK games academy:

Woodward spoke specifically of the importance of the UK’s video game industry, while warning of the dangers of becoming complacent. “The importance of the creative industries has not yet received the recognition it should have done,” he said.

“Video games have become an incredibly important industry, but our superiority in this sector cannot be taken for granted.

In the last six months the UK has slipped from the third largest manufacturer to the fourth – behind Canada. We need a games academy for graduate studies. We need to attract the right talent and fund and support the industry.”



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