Goldsmiths MSc in Games and Entertainment

3 07 2007

Geared to start the September, Goldsmiths University of London are offering an MSc in Computer Games and Entertainment.

This degree offers a unique curriculum for graduates and professionals from various fields who either want to enter the computer games and entertainment industries, or want to upgrade their present knowledge and skills on the basis of their experience in such industries.

The MSc is focused on advanced programming in C++, team work, new technologies (procedural procession, multicore platforms, and artificial intelligence in games, for example). It is directed and taught by experts in the games and entertainment industries (many faculty members have either run, funded companies, or worked in them), in research and development (in graphics, geometry, AI, hard-core processing), and visiting tutors who are actively involved in these industries. The programme integrates state-of-the-art technologies in its lab and course work (games engine and consoles, for example).




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