Tomb Raider Anniversary Goes Episodic for XBLA

19 06 2007

Tomb Raider Anniversary will be split into four episodes for digital distribution via Microsoft’s XBox Live Arcade. This will be the first full retail game to be distributed on the service. From Develop:

“We have created this version of Anniversary specifically for digital distribution as episodic content,” said SCi’s chief executive Jane Cavanagh.

“This is part of our strategy to grow our presence in online and digital distribution as we believe there are huge growth opportunities arising from this delivery format and we intend to capitalise on the increasing demand for digitally downloaded content.”

MBE for Roger Bennett

19 06 2007


Former ELSPA director general Roger Bennett was named in the Queen’s birthday honours list for his many years of service as the figurehead of the publishers’ association.

Bennett, who retired from his former role in July of last year, had run the day-to-day operation at ELSPA since 1989, and remains a hugely popular figure within the trade.


19 06 2007

Codemasters have taken a very determined approach to next gen development, starting with the PS3 because it was the most challenging, and from there developing an engine to roll out across all their studios. From Develop:

Next-gen games development has, as we all know, placed huge demands on not only the industry’s talent base, but also its technology base as well, demanding more staff to deal with more complicated software – all in order to make better games.

In seeing this hairpin-like crunch approaching on the road ahead, Codemasters’ internal team recently came up with it’s answer to the next-gen rush: Neon.

You may remember reading about Neon last year, when Develop exclusively revealed its existence (and you can read our original report here), but a quick recap: using PS3 as a starting point, Neon is a next-gen engine that is supporting every facet of Codemasters’ internal development going forward.

Web Gaming Brands

19 06 2007

Jeremiah Owyang gives a good run down of web gaming brands on his web strategy blog.

Red Bull + FreeStyle Q&A

19 06 2007

Here’s a more in depth Q&A on the deal between FreeStyle and Red Bull:

Do you think this is a business model for games studios going forward?
We haven’t aggressively gone out to find a brand – and we’re not saying that studios will do great business now if they just go out and team up with a well-known product – we’ve just been inspired from initially working with this particular brand as a partner. But independents should be aware that there is a way to enter the wider entertainment industry and reach the wider audience that comes from that. What Red Bull has given us is the chance to understand what kind of market is out there for the games we make – that’s what other studios should be thinking about.

Video Game Script Award Announced

19 06 2007

The UK Writers Guild has has announced a new award for ‘Best Videogame Script’:

The awards specifically focus on the quality of the writing, “not the stadard of the production” and are given to the writers themselves – the shortlist is announced in September, and nominations can only be made by members of the guild.

Edinburgh Festival Going Mainstream

19 06 2007

From MCV:

The chairman of this year’s re-vamped Edinburgh Interactive Festival believes that E3’s downsizing is a welcome boost to the show’s drive to become more mainstream than ever.

Renamed from 2006’s wordy Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival, chairman Chris Deering and other organisers of this year’s bash have worked to bring it closer to the TV and film events, which also operate under the Edinburgh umbrella.

“This is the fifth consecutive event in Edinburgh focusing on interactivity and we want to appeal to a mainstream audience – the sort of people who also visit the TV and movie events,”

Develop also confirms Ubisofts Yves Guillemot to be giving the keynote speech too.