Yannis Mallat: Ubisoft’s Future of Digital Entertainment

19 06 2007

Yannis Mallat of Ubisoft talks about their future plans. While somewhat vague and potentially heavy on hype when it comes to the plans themselves, the interview has some interesting tidbits around the periphery of them:

What kind of people are you hiring into this? Are you hiring from the game space mostly, or are you also hiring film students?

YM: Both. In five years, we don’t want people to be saying, “I am an animator for the video game side,” and “I am an animator for the CG side.” We want people saying, “I am an animator for Ubisoft Montreal.”

You want the line between CG animation and real-time animation to blur, so that there is no such thing as uninteractive content, right?

YM: Exactly.

No such thing as uninteractive content.



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