Brown’s arrival a grey day for games industry?

1 06 2007

Via MCV :

Industry leaders including Paul Jackson, Ray Maguire and Andy Payne have put a brave face on weakening relations with the Government after the Department Of Trade and Industry this week confirmed that it is downsizing its games effort.

Kroeger, who leaves the DTI today, admitted: “The DTI as an institution has been thoroughly bombarded by shrinkage. The general area called business relations is being consolidated.

“Put simply, the DTI has run out of money – so it’s entirely appropriate that fairly paid consultants like me are on the chopping block. It’s a miracle the DTI has managed to keep us on for so long.”

The responsibility for industry relations will now be shared by a dilapidated DTI and the Department Of Culture, Media And Sport (DCMS), which is headed up by MP for St Helens South Shaun Woodward. The Government has also moved to reduce investment into the regular DTI Game Forum meetings in London.




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